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Printing in 2-color can make a positive, lasting impression. A second color – whether its used to emphasize important content or add visual interest – can dramatically enhance a printed piece.  What better way to introduce your company, products, or services?

Advantages to 2-Color Printing

  • 2-color printing allows you to have a specific reproducible color for brand identification, especially if you print multiple items across different vendors or product types.
  • Spot colors can be printed more consistently than a CMYK (4-color process) color build across multiple pages of a multi-page catalog, printed pieces, or product types.
  • A PMS or spot color is necessary for certain colors such as navy blue and bright orange or for metallic colors that are difficult to produce using CMYK inks.
  • 2-color printing is more cost effective than 4-color process printing, especially with larger quantities

Additional Options for 2-Color Printing

If a particular PMS color is needed for branding or design purposes, using 4-color process printing and adding one or two spot colors may be an option. This will allow you to print rich, accurate photos and will ensure that your spot color or Pantone color requirements are met. Printed pieces with five or six colors are common, particularly for high-end marketing materials.

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